Patricia Petitt D.O. – Reston Virginia Bioidentical Doctor

Reston Virginia Bioidentical Doctor, Patricia Petitt D.O. is trained in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, nutrition, fitness, and stress reduction. The mission of Dr. Petitt and Longevity Wellness Centers is to demystify the processes of aging and provide both the tools and the knowledge people need to live the life they have imagined.

What are bioidentical hormones (BHRT)?

Bioidentical hormones are manufactured to have the same molecular structure as the hormones made by your own body. Synthetic hormones are intentionally different. Drug companies can’t patent a bioidentical structure, so they invent synthetic hormones that are patentable (Premarin, Prempro and Provera being the most widely used examples).

Although bioidentical hormones have been around for years, most physicians are unfamiliar with them. There are several branded versions now available for use in the kind of hormone replacement therapy (“HRT”) typical of synthetic hormones. This is generally a one-size-fits-all dosage regime.

Who needs BHRT?

Individuals who suffer from PMS, menopausal/andropausal symptoms, loss of sex drive, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, weight gain, persistent pain, or many other common conditions could benefit from our BHRT program.

Are bioidentical hormones better than synthetic hormones?

We long ago concluded that the answer to this question is yes. But that doesn’t mean bioidentical hormones are perfect. The great appeal of bioidentical hormones is that they are natural, and our bodies can metabolize them as it was designed to do, minimizing side effects. Synthetic hormones are quite strong and often produce intolerable side effects. Moreover, the compounded bioidentical hormones can be matched individually to each person’s needs – something that’s just impossible with mass-produced products.

What are the benefits of BHRT?

Our BHRT program provides many benefits for patients with hormonal imbalances including:

  • Restored hormone balance and relief of related symptoms
  • Improved heart health
  • Increased bone production and prevention of osteoporosis
  • Enhanced energy and sex drive
  • Reduced wrinkles and improved skin tone
  • Improved mental sharpness and better memory

How do I get started?

In our practice, we have an individualized approach.

To get started, contact us at the below number to set up your appointment. We will send you a medical questionnaire by fax, e-mail or snail mail to complete. Once you have completed the questionnaire you would send it back to us prior to your first visit. The doctor will review your history prior to your arrival. The initial consultation usually lasts one hour. At that time, initial laboratory tests will be ordered.

Treatment usually begins with the follow-up appointment which will last about 30 minutes. Your laboratory work (which should be back in a week or two) will be evaluated and an individualized treatment plan will be made at this time. We will prescribe a precise dosage of BHRT that is made up at a compounding pharmacy.


You will then be monitored carefully through regular follow-up hormone panels to ensure that you get symptom relief at the lowest possible dosage. In the initial stages, we will do a hormone panel every three months. A follow up appointment will also be made at this time to review your laboratory tests and response to treatment. Adjustments will be made at that time if needed. Further follow-up will depend on your individual needs but typically is every 6 months until hormone levels are stabilized. Once balance is restored, we’ll do one panel a year at the time of the annual exam.

Longevity Wellness Centers specializes exclusively in preventive-aging clinical services and is not a provider for primary care medical services. We do not treat acute, chronic or emergent medical conditions. It is essential that you have a primary care physician. We are happy to work in cooperation with your physicians upon request.

Questions? Please call Reston Virginia Bioidentical Doctor, Patricia L. Petitt, D.O., M.P.H. to schedule your initial appointment, discuss your symptoms and decide on a course of treatment for your specific needs.